Giovane stands for female intuition, wisdom and strenght. Clothes that make you shine because you're proud to be a woman.


Giovane is feminine, colorful, teasing and effortless. Standards to our design are: strong prints, rich materials, a perfect cut, a beautiful finishing and an eye for detail.


With great love for aesthetics and exquisite expertise, we create clothes for the most demanding wardrobes. We make clothes that meet all aspects of life. We give women the opportunity to dress up or down according to the occasion because of the extensive choise of pieces from easy-going-pants to special-occasion-dresses.


Giovane is an addition to your wardrobe, easy to wear and easy to love. A brand that make you feel like a woman. Because it's great to be one...

  • -45%

    Jurk  van Giovane
    Jurk van Giovane

    Elegante feestelijk jurk, doorzichtige mouw, lage rug. Model Barber.

    € 219,00 € 120,00
  • -32%

    groene losvallende jurk, Barcelona
    groene losvallende jurk, Barcelona

    Losvallende jurk, met lage rug, ronde hals aan de voorkant, Barcelona. Deze is ook in het kobalt blauw te bestellen. Voor informatie stuur even een berichtje naar

    € 219,00 € 150,00
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